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CLIL in Newcastle

Cursos de Erasmus +
Inglaterra Newcastle
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Programa single
Alumnos por clase 12 students maximum
Duración de las clases 55 minutos
Edad Age: 20+
Nivel Level: intermediate to advanced
Días de comienzo Lunes


Newcastle lies on the Nort Bank of the Tyne river, with an ideal location that grants it easy access to the country's main cities - Liverpool, Edinburgh and London - and beautiful beaches.

Over 200 regional and international restaurants, cafés and shops constitute the Toon's - how local Geordies address the "town" - unique medieval city centre. Art galleries and museums contribute to the city's vibrant social life which you'll be able to enjoy during your free time. You will instantly feel at home as Geordies are the most friendly UK citizens. There is no doubt why it is chosen by so many English and university students.


This course is designed for:
- Teachers and classroom assistants who teach subjects through English (i.e. History, Geography etc.).
- Teachers who currently teach a subject other than English in their native language but who are interested in integrating English into their lessons.
- English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers who work with non-native speaker teachers in mainstream classes.
- Teaching professionals interested in exploring the key principles of CLIL.

The course aims to train teachers in the methodology of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). It combines a focus on developing an understanding of the key principles and terminology of CLIL with an emphasis on exploring practical ideas to help better integrate the teaching of language and content in the classroom. The group input sessions follow a loop input structure so course participants can experience a wide sample of activities that they can take with them to their own teaching context.

If you chose to do a two or four week course, it also include the opportunity to take the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) CLIL module.


The school is an established centre accredited by the British Council. Their main objective is to ensure you have the best time durig your course. They are a well trained and experienced institution.

It is located in the very center of Newcastle, with easy access to shopping centers, theaters, museums, restaurants and places to enjoy the night, such as nigtclubs or pubs. There is a public library within a 5 minutes walk from the school to which you can easily have access to. 



In a single room with half board and full board at weekends. Accommodation in homes with students of the same nationality is never shared unless expressly requested. Living with a host family will give you a good introduction to life in the UK. A host family is not always composed of two parents and children: many hosts are couples or single people without children.



These apartments are located just 5 minutes walk from the school and are located in the center of the city of Newcastle, close to shops, restaurants, cafes and bars as well as a multiplex in THE GATE. Each apartment has heating and consists of 3-6 bedrooms, a living room, shared kitchen and two bathrooms. All bedrooms consist of a single bed, bookshelf, wardrobe, table, chair and table lamp. All bathrooms are new installation as well as living rooms and kitchens. It has a laundry room with washers and dryers.


El precio incluye

Enrollment, level test, and certificate at the end of the course
Informative dossier of the course
CLIL Course Study materials
* Accommodation in a family or apartment ( Included if hired)
Half board (only with family)
Internet access
Access to Active Zone from our website