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German and Teacher Training course

Cursos Erasmus+
Austria Viena
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Plan Teachers courses
Students per class Maximum 12
Class duration 45 minutos
Age +18
Level B2
Starting days Lunes, Domingo


Vienna is a city of proud palaces and peaceful parks, a home to emperors and art, as well as Strauss. It has a high quality of life and they look after their heritage. It has been named several times the best city in the world to live in.

Within its iconic features you can find flea markets, coffee shops and cakes; opera houses and classical music venues, jazz clubs and dance venues. It is without a doubt, one of Europe’s most fascinating cities.

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The intention of this course is to improve general German language skills and communication both as a speaker and instructor, to be used in educational, social and vocational contexts and learn more about Austrian history and culture. The Standard Course classes teach general German, and the teacher training provides insight into up-to-date teaching methods and materials.

Participants must have a B1 German level.

Course details:
  • 20 lessons general German course + 7 lessons of teacher training per week
  • 5 lessons cultural/special interest programme per week
  • Certificate at the end of the course
  • Accommodation options available upon request (host family or student house)
Course aims:
The course aims to develop all four language skills of German: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Various activities to encourage the acquisition of vocabulary are an integral part of the course. Reading and listening comprehension exercises, as well as written exercises, are important components of our courses. And, of course, you are encouraged to speak as much as possible. The teacher training provides insight into up-to-date teaching materials for German as a Foreign Language, variations on teaching grammar and vocabulary, use of authentic materials as well as using audio-visual media in lessons.
❑ Improving your general German language skills: fluency and authenticity
❑ Improving your confidence in using the language
❑ Improving and developing your communication skills
❑ Greater knowledge of different classroom methodological practices
❑ Insight in Austrian culture and history
❑ Deeper sensitivity to cultural diversity
2022 Course Dates:
Every Monday all year round


Is a language shcool with a range of successful German courses, and ideal learning environment and modern teaching equipment.

They offer a top standard of language tuition at school in premium locations in Vienna combined with an attractive leisure programme.

Teachers, native speakers of Standar Germanare highly qualified and supportive; therefore the atmosphere is very familiar.

Price includes

Enrollment, level test, and certificate at the end of the course
Informative dossier of the course
20 lessons general German course + 7 lessons of teacher training per week
5 lessons cultural/special interest program per week
Host family or Residence (If booked)
Free Internet access
Some social activities
24 hours of attention

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