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Introduction to CLIL Teacher Training Course

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Malta Sliema
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Plan Teachers courses
Students per class Maximum 12
Class duration 45 minutos
Age 18+
Level B1
Starting days Lunes


Malta, a paradise island in the Mediterranean, located between Sicily and North Africa, has an unbeatable climate that will accompany you to enjoy the activities you want to do and will motivate you to study English with enthusiasm.


It offers a wide variety of plans as it has numerous bars, restaurants, shops, leisure areas, monuments, a long promenade, numerous beaches, and something for all tastes.


Malta is an ideal destination to study English, due to its British heritage, and a unique opportunity to spend the summer in the jewel of the Mediterranean.


Click on the following link to discover all that Malta has to offer!




The Introduction to CLIL Teacher Training Course offers in-service teachers the theory and background of the CLIL teaching approach as well as analysis and practical methodology to integrate in the classroom.

These courses are aimed at teacher in the primary, secondary and vocational educational level who are already working with CLIL or who are about to apply CLIL in their teaching methodology.
Lessons / week: ( 1 lesson – 45 minutes)
30 CLIL Lessons
Participants should have a B1 English Level
Timetable: 9:00 – 10:30; 11:0 – 12:30; 13:00 – 14:30.
The primary aim of this course is to give each participant a clear idea of the nature of content and language integration and to help them build a roadmap for the integration of these two areas in their classroom.
This course gives participants practical advice and tools to help them through this process.
Participants will
• Gain confidence in teaching through English
• Become more familiar with CLIL methodology
• Be better able to plan lessons using CLIL methodology
• Be provided with some hands-on activities and ideas.
Course Dates 2022:
07 - 11 March
04 – 8 April
09 - 13 May
13 – 17 June
20 – 24 June
11 – 14 July
18 - 22 July
15 – 19 Aug
22 – 26 Aug
12 – 16 Aug
19 – 23 Sept



The school, where English classes are taught, is located in an area with many restaurants, bars, cafes and shops as well as discos, nightclubs and the sea.

Access to all these places is easy and fast while, on the other hand, the school is at the necessary distance from the hustle and bustle to be able to learn and enjoy with peace of mind.


Price includes

Enrollment, placement test, and certificate at the end of the course
Informative dossier
1 week course for teachers
Free WIFI at school
Welcome party
24 hours of attention

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