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  4. Creating Green Classrooms in Galway

Creating Green Classrooms in Galway


585  (IVA incluido/TAX included)
  • Programme | Erasmus+

  • Age | 18

  • Students | 15

  • Level | B1

  • Duration | 45 mins

  • Starting Day | April 15th

About the city


Discover Galway, Ireland’s enchanting coastal city that seamlessly weaves together history, culture, and natural beauty. Stroll cobblestone streets adorned with colourful storefronts and lively buskers, and delve into a vibrant arts scene of galleries and theatres. Explore medieval landmarks like Galway Cathedral and the Spanish Arch, then savour local life at bustling markets. Beyond the city, the Wild Atlantic Way offers coastal walks with stunning views, while Connemara National Park’s untamed landscapes beckon adventurers. Experience the genuine warmth of the locals and immerse yourself in Irish traditions, creating memories against the backdrop of Galway’s captivating charm.



Teachers play a key role in communicating a progressive ‘green’ message to younger generations. Creating Green Classrooms is designed to show how teachers can bring lessons about sustainability and positive climate action into their everyday teaching. This course offers a professional development opportunity designed to show teachers how they can integrate a positive green message into their teaching practice. The main objectives are:

  • To promote environmental consciousness and sustainable practices in secondary school classrooms. Participants will analyse methods to incorporate climate-positive practices into their teaching, explore practical steps to create eco-friendly classrooms and discover innovative strategies for engaging students in green topics through creative projects and activities.
  • To assess materials and resources suitable for implementing green approaches and collaborate on developing imaginative lesson plans.
  • To not only enhance their English language skills but also, exchange innovative teaching ideas with fellow educators.
  • Activities include completing tasks designed to stimulate. discussions and analysis of the concept of a ‘green classroom,’ engaging in workshop sessions to reflect on ways to integrate green activities into teaching, and opportunities to improve English language proficiency through content-based lessons.
  • Participants will also be directed towards online resources tailored for educators interested in ‘green’ initiatives and will have the chance to embark on cultural and heritage trips as part of a chaperoned group.

Sample programme (subject to change)

Dates 2024


The school is located in the city centre, equipped with all the facilities required to meet the needs of today’s students such as:

  • 34 purpose designed classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards and smart technology
  • Guided e-learning before and after course online
  • Free Wi-fi and internet access
  • Tea and coffee services
  • Roof-top terrace with seating
  • New Student Lounge Area
  • Computer Room and Library
  • Fully equipped Exam centre


This course offers upon request a variety of different types of accommodation:

  • Host Family

The best way to emerge yourself in the Irish culture is to live with an Irish family. All the family live 25 to 50 minutes away from the school by bus.

– Warm, welcoming Irish families

– Various locations in Galway

– Half-board – Monday to Friday

– Full-board – Saturday and Sunday

– From Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday

  • Apartment

Accommodation in exclusive self-catering shared apartments:

– Single/twin/double rooms

– Standard/comfort (en-suite) rooms

– Fully-fitted kitchen, including utensils