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  4. English Language Development for Teachers and Staff Working in Education A1/A2

English Language Development for Teachers and Staff Working in Education A1/A2


  • Programme | Teachers courses

  • Age | 18+

  • Students | 12

  • Level | A1

  • Duration | 45 minutes

  • Starting Day | Monday

Malta has a rich history and culture and is well-known for its sea and sun element. You can explore the oldest temples in the world, palaces built by the Knights of Malta and much more, all at a very short distance.

Valletta is Malta’s capital city, a city steeped in history, yet enjoying a modern day vibrancy which renders it unique. A step outside the doors of our school gives you the opportunity to practise what you have learnt in a charming and helpful environment.

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This course is aimed at teachers and educational staff who are interested in developing their English language skills to be able to communicate more effectively and with greater confidence. Participants will be able to upgrade their level of English through a variety of interactive activities in the classroom.
This course also includes a focus on language skills.
Lessons / week: ( 1 lesson – 45 minutes)
30 Language Development lessons 
Applicants must have A1 level of English or above.
They need to be a teacher or educational staff.
Each applicant will be asked to complete an enrollment form before the course starts. This will make it possible to plan around the participants’ needs.
Course outcomes:
✓Enhance their knowledge of general English working towards a A2 level.
✓Have the opportunity to practise English and gain confidence in using the language.
✓Engage in a number of practical activities that encourage critical thinking.
✓Explore the sound of English.
Units: Language Development
•Language awareness: exploring and building up lexical and grammatical areas.
•Developing the four languages skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
•Communication skills: gaining confidence and fluency.
•Phonology: working on stress, rhythm, intonation and phonetic sounds and symbols.

1 week Course Dates 2023: 

14-18 August;

2 weeks course dates 2023:

14-25 August

School has been running training courses for the past 15 years and school professionals from all over Europe have flown to this beautiful island to have a unique learning experience, benefitting from European Funding.
The teachers and educational staff become amongst the most able, creative and authoritative within their profession. Training Courses are a hallmark of excellence and outstanding professionalism.
All the teacher trainer are highly qualified in their field and have many years of experience as teachers and teacher trainers.
Besides providing training, our teacher trainers are very keen on their own continuing professional development and regularly attend in-service training sessions, international and local conferences, seminars and workshops.