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Intensive General English in Malta


  • Programme | Teachers courses

  • Age | 23+

  • Students | 12 maximum

  • Level | A1

  • Duration | 45 minutes

  • Starting day | Monday

Malta, a paradise island in the Mediterranean, located between Sicily and North Africa, has an unbeatable climate that will accompany you to enjoy the activities you want to do and will motivate you to study English with enthusiasm.

It offers a wide variety of plans as it has numerous bars, restaurants, shops, leisure areas, monuments, a long promenade, numerous beaches, and something for all tastes.

Malta is an ideal destination to study English, due to its British heritage, and a unique opportunity to spend the summer in the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Click on the following link to discover all that Malta has to offer!


Within the lessons, we endorse the principle of encouraging a communicative atmosphere, focusing on engaging students in topics, studying various aspects and practicing subjects in several ways to encourage both accuracy and fluency.
Motivation is an important contributing factor when studying a language.
Visually interesting and engaging, the course books are colourful, incorporating appealing photography and graphic art samples.
The lessons are based on full-immersion where learners are immediately exposed to the target language (English), simulating direct experience.
This course is ideal for students whose level of English is elementary (A1) or higher.
Lessons / week: ( 1 lesson – 45 minutes)
30 General English Lessons
The General English course will boost your confidence to communicate in English effective, in the classroom environment as well as in real life situations.
Your English teacher will use a course book and supplement lessons with authentic material and meaningful communicative activities.
You will also have an amazing opportunity to practise your new English Language skills around Malta as you explore the island!
Course outcomes:
  • Approaches to developing the 4 skills
  • Language development and grammar workshops
  • Use and integration of interactive whiteboards in the classroom
  • Interaction patterns
  • Error Correction and Feedback
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Broaden their range of vocabulary and their command of grammar
  • Develop their fluency skills
  • Develop their pronunciation skills

2023 Course Dates:

Every Monday all year round

The school, where English classes are taught, is located in an area with many restaurants, bars, cafes and shops as well as discos, nightclubs and the sea.

Access to all these places is easy and fast while, on the other hand, the school is at the necessary distance from the hustle and bustle to be able to learn and enjoy with peace of mind.